Issue # 8, Vol: 1
Category: Waste

Blue Stream Environmental Technology launches new range of Nord Easy City Containers in the Middle East

Urban waste management is a rising necessity in today’s rapid pace of urban growth and fast paced modern day lifestyle. Its objectives are to collect, treat and dispose solid wastes generated by all urban population groups in an environmentally and socially satisfactory method using the most economical means possible. The cities of the Middle East are on a rapid path of development and advancement, growing economically along with increased business activity and consumption patterns which lead to an upsurge in solid waste quantities.

An environmentally sustainable waste management system will help protect future generations from environmental degradation and associated financial burdens. It is important that economic progress is in tandem with environmental preservation. The rapid momentum of recycling efforts, have furthered the cause for a more sophisticated, humane, practical, cost effective and environmentally friendly methods for waste segregation, collection, transfer and disposal with prime focus on recycling. With several countries generating large amounts of waste, it is important to develop adequate facilities to manage the waste. Nord Engineering, Italy in partnership with Blue Stream Environmental Technology LLC has decided to launch the new Nord Easy City Containers in the Middle East region. These new containers are an advancement and development over the regular Nord Easy City Containers. The design aesthetics focus on a more futuristic appeal with a larger variance of size options. These new containers are available in sizes: 1.5, 2.1, 2.2, 2.7, 3.0, 3.75 CBM. Easy City containers are designed and engineered with a strong focus on urban environments.

The concept of designing waste containers at Nord has always been aimed at improved aesthetics without compromising on efficiency and durability. These containers are known to be resilient and designed to last much longer than regular wheeled waste containers.The automation of the waste collection process is a practical process for urban waste management with no human contact with the waste,this sure is an added advantage. The Nord Easy City is one such system that offers an integrated waste management setup that includes a single person operated waste collection vehicle equipped complete with robotic lifting arm for emptying containers from the street on the truck mounted compactor. The low container maintenance compared to current systems is a large benefit. Today’s waste management techniques not only demand

waste collection but also the need to facilitate recycling by collecting recyclables. The design of Easy City retains Nord’s focus on improving the percentage of recyclables collection from regular waste. In fact the entire new range of Nord Containers have varied inlets for differentiated collection that are very easily recognizable by users with detailed instructions on the body to help educate the general public about the recycling campaigns in the region. All the Easy City containers have luminous strips, making them clearly visible at night. Nord containers are very convenient to use with rounded edges in view of safety and aesthetic looks. The unique modular structures and unique openings make these containers very user friendly.With the implementation of these containers in the city, it will permit a collection time of 1 minute, which is one of the shortest collectiontime periods in the

industry, enabling rapid collection with minimal traffic congestion. Heavy liquid waste is produced in large quantities in the Middle East region creating a task for the municipal bodies as the liquid waste seeps out of containers producing an ill odor while simultaneously causing a breeding ground for germs. The Easy City container is provided with a liquid waste/ leachate collection tank at the bottom for large volume collection of liquid waste to specifically counter this providing a perfect solution. This revolutionary technology is suitable for developing a sustainable urban landscape.

This association of Blue Stream and Nord is targeting the growing metropolises around the Middle East with this system, especially Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Doha, Riyadh, Jeddah, Muscat, Manama and Kuwait. For cities, whichare looking to execute recyclable and regular waste collection methods, this new exclusive system provides the best option with its incredibly versatile, modern and practical solution for efficient waste management.

Suvarna Jeetandra, Managing Director of Blue Stream Environmental Technology LLC, UAE and Qatar & Eco Nirvana Technologies, India, has been in the gulf for over 35 years with a direct involvement in the waste management industry. “Sustainability of waste management is key to providing an effective service that leads to the success of both urban environmental development and civic waste infrastructure of any city. It is essential to plan long-term goals based on local urban needs, followed by medium and short-term strategies to meet the goals,” says Jeetandra.

“With the present waste management industry moving towards more urbane and automated waste management systems, the implementation of Nord’s integrated solid waste systems that are responsive to dynamic demographic and industrial growth would be ideal.An establishment of a sound waste management system is a prerequisite of new developments, such as industrial estates, residential areas, tourist resorts,” adds Jeetandra.
The execution of the Nord Easy System has already proved its success in various parts of the world. It has had a phenomenal impact in the percentage of recyclable waste collected versus general waste in various locations. The Municipality in Turin, Italy saw an increase of recyclable waste collection up from 20% to 60% after the NORD Easy System was implemented. A large part of this increase is attributed to overall design of the system, which works to attract, educate and involve the general public as an integral part of the recycling campaign.

Chairman of Nord Engineering Massimo Armando says, “This is the perfect time for the Nord Easy containers to enter the Middle East market. With so much advancement in the region, the municipalities would have to adopt practices that support recycling methods and would benefit the region in the long run and the implementation of the Nord Easy Containers is the key to these concerns. We have supplied and furnished over 80 vehicles to Barcelona city in Spain with approximately 32000 numbers of underground and overground Nord containers. Seeing the advantages of this system other Spanish cities like Madrid and Tarragona are also implementing Nord system in major cities around Spain.”

This technologically advanced innovation is known for its competence, productivity and low maintenance costs allowing benefits for both public and individual users. This system is the best solution for the current status of this region. The recent developments and progress that this Middle Eastern region has experienced is unparalleled and unmatched compared to the rest of the world. The challenge is to achieve an economical solution while expanding services to a growing urban population. The civic authorities do realize that in order to combat our growing environmental concerns, we are in dire need of quick actions and decisions. The adoption of The Easy City Containers will prove to be most beneficial and cost-effective in the long run, saving on future high expenditure and costs. The adoption of the Nord Easy Containers promises us an insight into a more environmentally aware and secure future.