Issue # 9, Vol: 2
Category: Recycling

AYMAS MAKINA Turkish scrap metal processing technology expert in expansion mode

Aymas has a strong background in engineering and technology considering that all the founding shareholders who decided to set up their own enterprise were engineers. The present management team includes Aytekin Yelekcioglu,
Cemal Sincar, Mehmet Gümülcine and Ihsan Öndül. With rapid advance in the business within a short period, Aymas shifted into a more notable industrial unit and quickly established itself as small, medium-size and big size scrap metal machinery manufacturer. Considering the opportunities that the market

Aytekin Yelekcioglu
opened up for their business, the company started targeting larger installations, and as a result moved into a brand new 10,000 sq m facility in Izmir’s industrial area of Kemalpasa in 2011. With an ambition to expand further Aymas has already acquired 30,000 sq m of land for the construction a new production plant in 2014. The company’s staff of 100, which includes experienced engineers in machinery and equipment manufacturing, has enabled Aymas to offer excellent recycling solutions to their customers. Aymas has been targeting the domestic and international markets with high quality contract manufacturing, manufacture of recycling machines and auxiliary equipment.The company designs, develops, installs machinery and provides after sales services as well. Their equipment and engineering services include work pieces, components of machinery, moulds, apparatus, welded parts, special machines that are tailored to their customers’ specific requirements in various sectors including mining, cement, steel, casting, petro-chemical, automotive, shipbuilding, aerospace and so on. “Apart from scrap machine manufacturing, Aymas has other significant business interests such as manufacturing structural parts for other products such as pipe systems and so on. This is usually made to order as the company frequently receives such requests from various
requests from various plants,” says International Sales Manager Cemal Sincar. Sincar speaks fluent Arabic and five other languages, which has been a major advantage in doing business in various regions, particularly the Middle East. The company’s success is based on the high standards and consistent quality of the products and services, as well as the focus on specific areas of activity. “We carefully study and choose projects that make business sense. We also select our geographical markets in such a manner that we can balance the growth rate with our production and management capabilities,” says Sincar. “We have enough orders already and we continue to receive requests daily, but we focus on delivering quality products.” At present the company has a significant base in Eastern Europe. A major portion of Aymas’ exports, which accounts for 80 per cent of its production, reach Europe, former
Cemal Sincar

Russian states and most Arab states, with a strong presence in Saudi Arabia. “Aymas has matured into a company with a truly modern outlook, yet retaining some of the truly Turkish traditions. We believe in excelling in all areas of operation and our sales and service teams are available 24/7,” states Sincar. With experience in international markets and a smart business strategy, this Turkish company is now looking westwards particularly targeting the Italian scrap market, which it sees as a good opening, along with other countries in the region. Though this market is quite saturated, Sincar is confident that they can offer the same quality at better prices “because labour costs are much lower in Turkey”. The aim is to build its dealer
network in Western Europe.

Mehmet Gümülcine