Waste Management Company expands recycling initiative to Abu Dhabi

New RVMs installed at Masdar City and Abu Dhabi Mall 

Bee’ah, a leading environmental management company in the region, has installed its innovative Reverse Vending Machines (RVMs) at Masdar Institute of Science & Technology in Masdar City, and at Abu Dhabi COOP in Abu Dhabi Mall, the company announced. This development follows record participation in the Bee’ah Rewards programme from June to October, where scanned recycling receipts reached an amazing 92,396, says the company.

Bee’ah-ExpandsThe new RVMs mark the expansion of the Bee’ah Rewards programme to the emirate. The expansion was made following increasing public interest in the programme, and will enable the engagement of larger audiences through placement in high footfall locations like Abu Dhabi Mall, says Bee’ah. In addition to the locations in Abu Dhabi, RVMs can be found in Dubai at the Dubai Marina Mall, Dubai Marina Walk and Dubai International Airport. Locations in Sharjah include Al Qasba, the American University of Sharjah, and Dibba Al Hisn Municipality in the eastern region of Sharjah.

“The expansion of Bee’ah Rewards to Abu Dhabi is the result of the monumental success we have had with the programme and the instrumental role it has played in our ambition for a circular economy. By bringing this programme to Abu Dhabi, we are integrating the resource recovery model into the fabric of the capital’s economy, and encouraging a habit of recycling to build a more sustainable future for the UAE,” says Fahad Shehail, Chief Development Officer of Bee’ah.

All members of the public are eligible to participate in the programme. By depositing a recyclable into the RVM, they will receive a receipt with a unique barcode. The barcode can then be scanned through the Bee’ah App to gain direct entry into the monthly draw. Winners are announced at the start of every month through Bee’ah’s social media accounts.

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