Ford Trucks Launches New Truck Series For The Middle East Market

New Tractor, Construction and Road Series for the Middle East ‘Powerful, Technologically Advanced and Efficient’, says Ford Trucks
By Swaliha Shanavas

Ford Trucks has launched its new Tractor, Construction and Road Series in the Middle East market. The new vehicles have been “re-engineered from the ground up, thanks to the Ecotorq engine, they are now more powerful and efficient than ever,” says Ford.

The company has been providing innovative automotive products and services since 1959. “Ford Trucks has always embraced its mission of providing state-ofthe- art solutions and services beneficial to the community,” states Mustafa Caner Sinanoglu, Middle East Region Manager, Ford Trucks. “The passion to serve the best to our customers leads us to develop tailor-made solutions and competitive products to meet and surpass a variety of customer needs and expectations.” The company has been flexing its considerable muscle since formally entering the Middle East market with its heavy commercial vehicle operations and establishing its regional base in Dubai in 2014. With over 57 years of manufacturing expertise, their trucks are tailored to meet the specific requirements for the market in the region, says Sinanoglu.

Having rapidly established itself in the construction and waste management sectors, he says Ford is determined to prove that its robust truck platforms can be reliable and strong partners to fleets across the region. Ford Trucks is offering a wide range of vehicles, starting from GVW 18 tons to 39 tons and GCW from 44 tons to 80 tons. The new variant for the municipal applications comes with different axle configurations including 4×2 rigid chassis and tractor head, 6×4 rigid chassis and tractor head and the 8×4. The 4×2 rigid chassis is being offered for the road sweeper, skip loader, refuse compactor, water tanker, etc., while the 6×4 rigid chassis is suitable for refuse compactor, hook-lift and double skip loader, among others.

Robust design and powerful engine

Engine efficiency and chassis design are major factors in effective operations in demanding sectors like waste management, etc. The new range of Ford Trucks is powered by the new Ecotorq engine family, “delivering greater power and better fuel efficiency than ever to ensure customers can continue with their daunting tasks.” Offering comfort and exceptional uphill traction on rugged terrain, the 2017 Series is now said to deliver a noteworthy 430 HP and 2.150 Nm of torque with the new Ecotorq engine, a significant improvement over the previous generation which delivered 350 HP and 1.400 Nm of torque. The robust chassis design comes with 10 mm thickness and various wheelbase options to make it applicable for different superstructures. Ford Trucks chassis has been approved by all well-known bodybuilders of refuse compactors, road sweepers, hooklifts, skip loaders, etc.

Ford Trucks has heavily invested in the development of Ecotorq engines and the new trucks, with 750 engineers having worked for four years, Sinanoglu affirms. Moreover, the new trucks covered more than two million km of test drive in 8 countries across three continents “under the world’s toughest conditions and prepared for the users,” he notes.

Tailor-made for various applications in the Middle East

The new variant for municipal use is the Ford 6×4 rigid chassis truck equipped with a 25 cubic metre (CBM) RosRoca refuse compactor.
The new range of trucks including the 6×4 Series has been customised for the Middle East region, considering the extreme climatic conditions and rugged terrain. The new 400 KW engine brake provides the driver with firm control while climbing steep slopes in earth-moving and cutting sites. The optional 600 KW Intarder option offered for even tougher conditions brings the total braking capacity to 1.000 KW with ABS/ASR, ensuring that the heaviest loads can be safely carried on even the steepest slopes and hills, the Middle East Region Manager emphasises.

Designed for the most demanding environments, with best-in-class sequence and efficiency, a new feature in the innovative Ford 6×4 Trucks is the Automated Transmission option. With Off-road, Rocking and Economy modes, the Automated Transmission option assists drivers, particularly in the Waste Management business, in keeping their vehicle sure-footed on virtually any terrain, says Sinanoglu. Further, the automatic mode will help increase the life of the braking system and clutch. The Automatic transmission system also translates into better fuel efficiency, resulting in reduced operational costs.

Again, in terms of the environment, he says, “the new range of trucks that come with the new Ecotorq engine family with Euro 3, Euro 5 and Euro 6 emissions level, provide greater power and increased fuel efficiency than ever to ensure customers can continue with their daunting tasks.”
The rear axles have been designed with high capacity with an option of mechanical and air suspension. Due to the applications in waste management, the high capacity axles along with easy maintenance suspension are key factors for uptime, says Sinanoglu.

Quality, durability, efficiency and enhanced comfort

Ford Trucks’ new road series offer different selections of axle configuration with different cab options and wheelbases to accommodate the business needs and the superstructure related with business requirements. As per the company, apart from offering high performance in all conditions and improved torque and horsepower figures, the braking system has been greatly improved across all models. The use of an air suspension system on the rear axle instead of a mechanical suspension, as well as the use of a disc brake system instead of a drum brake system increases the driver’s comfort.
“Not only the power of Ford Trucks’ structure and technical capabilities, but also the design is well considered,” Sinanoglu underlines. The ergonomic cab design is touted to provide the operator a better life on board, also leading to higher levels of productivity.

The fresh design of the cab includes a third central seat to accommodate two technicians next to the driver, and comes even with an option for cab crew with four doors to accommodate 6-7 passengers. And the vision doors of the cab provide the operator better vision during loading and unloading.

Strong dealer network and after sales service

The manufacturer has appointed professional dealers across the GCC region, with priority being given to the countries based on their market potential, including the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, UAE, Oman, Kuwait, Bahrain and Qatar. The largest fleet of Ford trucks is currently operational in Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar. In Sinanoglu’s view, the main reasons for the region’s customers using their trucks are its “competitive warranty conditions, complete unit chassis and reboots series, among others.”

After-sales services are critical for the success of any business. Ford Trucks offers effective after sales solutions, with its dedicated dealer network providing clients a mobile workshop service, also offering customised contracts to customers who can choose from two types of contracts in the form of Preventive service contract and Comprehensive service contract.

Successfully tested

They have invested in building demo trucks for trials by well-known customers in Middle East, states Sinanoglu, and currently a 7 cbm Road Sweeper, and a 25 cbm Refuse Compactor with preference fabricator, have been tested successfully by different waste management companies.

As with all other advanced Ford Trucks Series, the construction segment vehicles provide superior traction power on hills and harsh roads and conform to the driver’s needs, says Ford Trucks, which is stimulating the automated gearbox with a special version that suits all working conditions. The options of Ford Trucks automated gearbox such as rocking mode will facilitate the operator to control the truck in rugged terrain, while the eco mode schedules each gear shift in the most precise way and runs the engine in the most efficient speed range to enable fuel saving.

In Sinanoglu’s view, the heavy axles with hub reduction, robust cross members, the powerful braking system including ABS, ASR, HSA, along with the most efficient engine brake and other key features will help improve the performance, safety, productivity and the entire operational costs. All Ford Trucks models are robust and are offered with a competitive total cost of ownership alongside a comprehensive three-year/unlimited km standard warranty, according to the manufacturer. Additionally, models such as 1843T tractor, 1833 (4×2), 3543P/M/D (6×4) and 4143M/D (8×4) mixer can be customised with transmission and cabin modules for on road and off road applications. “With Ford Trucks’ robust new range, taking care of cities has become very easy as never before.”

“Excel is a dealer in the UAE, Oman, Qatar and Bahrain of Terberg-Ros Roca Group and other European companies related to waste equipment. The equipment we install in your truck is a Rear Loader Model OL-25W from Ros Roca (Spain), one of the leaders for quality and numbers in waste equipment worldwide; and the lifter is from Terberg, model OmniGV. With this lifter you can collect all types of bins (one stop collection) that are available in the market with the same machine,” says Pierangelo Marfella, Sales Manager, Equipment Division, Excel Industry Co. LLC.

“Many other companies are now offering this solution, but as per quality Terberg lifter remains the original and unique model. The equipment is robust, functions well in any condition, and at the same time is easy to maintain. I think with a Ford truck it is a good combination between chassis and equipment, and also because you install it in your new 33 ton GVW, an automatic gearbox, it helps speed up the collection time,” he adds.

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