Envirol breaks ground on expansion of recycling facility in Dubai

Envirol, a JV initiative between Dubai Municipality and Blue, aims to recycle 100,000 gallons of food waste from emirate’s various commercial kitchens 

Envirol, a joint venture initiative between Dubai Municipality and Blue (a member of Alserkal Group), revealed its plans to expand and upgrade its current recycling facilities in Dubai. The announcement was made at the ground breaking ceremony for the expansion at the Envirol Recycling Plant in Al Aweer. The expansion work for the recycling plant, which is the MENA region’s first grease trap waste treatment plant, is expected to be completed before the end of the year.

ImagePresent during the ground breaking ceremony were Talib Abdulkarim Julfar, Assistant Director General for Environmental Services and Public Health, Dubai Municipality; Ahmad bin Eisa Alserkal, Chairman, Blue; and other senior officials. To date, the current capacity of the Al Aweer plant is around 50,000 gallons of waste per day and the completion of the new expansion and upgrade of its equipment and infrastructure will allow Envirol to handle 100,000 gallons, which is double the amount of fat, oil and grease (FOG) waste generated by commercial kitchens located across Dubai on a daily basis, according to the company.

Envirol solely targets waste produced by food establishments and eateries across Dubai. Grease traps, which are a common feature in these restaurants and busy food outlets, work by separating fats, oil and grease from waste water. Dubai Municipality has mandated “the installation of grease trap in every kitchen along with its proper cleaning, sending of mandatory report and kitchen should deal only with permitted grease trap waste contractor, with all waste being transported to Envirol for recycling.”

“The country’s hospitality segment has witnessed rapid growth over the years, with food establishments producing massive amounts of food waste every day–prompting authorities to raise their concerns on what to do with these wastes,” said Elham Pourtangestani, Plant Manager, Envirol. “Being a leading edible oil waste recycling facility and the only grease trap waste treatment plant in the Middle East, Envirol remains steadfast in its commitment to provide smart waste management solutions through the use of innovative and efficient technologies. The planned expansion of our facilities is expected to help address the challenge of recycling millions of tons of FOG waste generated by more than 14,000 food establishments in Dubai.”

The plant’s expansion is a very timely and strategic move as the need to properly recycle FOG waste has become increasingly urgent. The reduction of FOG waste entering drains and sewers is important as it helps decrease the risk of flooding, back-ups and promulgation of foul odours. Envirol says it plays a significant role in being environmentally conscious, since the waste that is taken to the plant goes into process and produces fertilizer, water and oil that can be reused for composting, irrigation and detergent industries respectively.

“Whether it’s cleaning, recycling, repurposing or reusing waste materials, Envirol stands true to its commitment to make sure businesses in Dubai can work responsibly without having a negative impact on the earth. In fact, our recycling and refining efforts makes it possible to attain further use of these waste by-products — not only reducing the dumping receptors perimeters but also leaving an environmentally clean and green impact on the community and the UAE as a whole,” said Mohammed Al Kaabi, Managing Director, Blue.

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