Expression Of Interest (EOI) For The Management & Recycling Of Used Tires And Manufacturing Of Value-Added Products From Recycled Materials For Abu Dhabi And Western Region

The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi (Tadweer) is seeking Expression of Interest (EOI) from reputable and experienced private companies interested in the management and recycling of used tires and sales of the associated products manufactured from the recyclable tire materials.

The scope of interest would include but not limited to the following:

1. Establishing a recycling facility for used tires in Abu Dhabi on a Design, Build, Own and Operate (DBOO) basis for the management and recycling of used tires and the manufacturing of value-added products made from the recycled scrap tires which have a demand and requirements in the local and international market.
2. Propose an advanced technology within the highest European standards.
3. Propose a mechanism for the collection and receiving of the used tires being collected and traded by CWM – Tadweer’s licensed traders and producers of large quantity of tires on a competitive market approach.
4. Collection and transportation of used tires stockpiled at CWM – Tadweer’s landfill, dumpsites and other facilities for its recycling plant on a payment basis.
5. The interested company will also be responsible for obtaining all necessary licenses including environmental permit from relevant authorities.
6. Meet the Environmental, Health, Safety and Quality control requirements of the government agencies and institutions.

Briefly the scope of work shall include but not limited to the design, engineering, procurement, construction, permitting, insurance, financing, testing, commissioning, operation and maintenance, marketing and sales of recyclable materials and products.

Only shortlisted companies will be invited to participate in the tender process for the above-mentioned contract.

Local and international companies having at least 3 years of operation of such facility and interested in this expression of interest are requested to submit an official letter confirming their interest to participate in this tender process with the following:

1. Company profile of the interested party;
2. Copy of the trade license;
3. Copy of the audited financial statement for last 3 years;
4. A summary of their previous related experiences in similar projects

The Expression of Interest (EOI) shall be submitted in a sealed envelope marked:

“The Management & Recycling of used tires and manufacturing of value added products from recycled materials for Abu Dhabi and the Western Region”

by 10th May, 2017 (no later than 12:00 p.m.) at the address given below:


Procurement Department
The Center of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi
P.O.Box: 48448, UAE-Abu Dhabi
Tel: 9712-8185756, Fax: 9712-8185559.

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