Five new waste recycling projects worth AED 165 million taking shape in Abu Dhabi

• Contracts signed for landfill gas to energy, used cooking oil recycling, medical and hazardous waste incineration projects
• Partnerships with leading industry firms will to help generate significant employment opportunities in the sector, says Tadweer

Abu Dhabi has some game-changing waste recycling projects that are just about to begin. Tadweer – The Centre of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi signed five new contracts worth AED 165 million to establish waste recycling facilities in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates (UAE). However, the Government of Abu Dhabi has not spent a single dirham on the projects, the total capital cost will be invested by the investors, said Tadweer. The contracts were made public at the Tadweer stand at the EcoWaste exhibition held during Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (15-18 January). The new contracts signed with leading firms in the industry highlight upcoming waste recycling projects in the capital that are also expected to generate significant employment opportunities in this segment.

“Tadweer is very pleased to announce these new projects that are in line with the Abu Dhabi Government master plan related to sustainability and environmental conservation that will greatly contribute in sustainable waste management and environmental protection by treatment of hazardous waste, reducing landfill waste and reducing GHG emissions. These landmark contracts will enable Tadweer to fulfil its commitment of ensuring a safe and sustainable future for the next generations,” said H.E. Falah Al Ahbabi, Chairman, Tadweer.


The organisation signed a contract with Green Energy Solutions & Sustainability LLC for a Landfill Gas to Energy investment project at Al Dhafra Landfill, which is the largest landfill in Abu Dhabi. The development will prevent emission of greenhouse gases (GHG) from the landfill to the atmosphere. It is expected to be commissioned to produce about 5 MW of power by September 2018 and will be registered with the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) of United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) for carbon credit.

The organisation also awarded two new contracts to Ramky and BRS Ventures Joint Venture for Medical and Hazardous waste incineration projects in Abu Dhabi, and a contract to CleanCo in Al Ain. The facilities in Abu Dhabi will be able to treat about 15,000 tons per annum, while the Al Ain facility will be able treat about 3,000 per annum, said Tadweer. Both projects are expected to be operational by end 2018.


“Increasing waste is a global problem and being in healthcare and manufacturing sectors, I have always been conscious about it. Having spent more than 40 years in Abu Dhabi, I am honoured to get this opportunity from Centre of Waste Management that allows me to contribute to Abu Dhabi environment along with my long-term associate Ramky,” said Dr. BR Shetty, Chairman of BRS Ventures.

“Our foray into the Middle East started more than a decade ago. However, this is our first Integrated Waste Management facility in Abu Dhabi. We are committed to a long term association with the Centre of Waste Management, along with our partners BRS Ventures, contributing to the sustainable development of UAE and the region,” said Allan Ayodhya Ramireddy, Chairman, Ramky Group.

This year, Tadweer will also be working with Blue Al Serkal for recycling of used cooking oil to produce biodiesel and fatty acids, which in turn will be used for manufacturing soaps. The biodiesel produced will be confirming to the ESMA standard and certified for quality conformity by Abu Dhabi Quality Conformity Council. The facility is expected to collect and treat about 20,000 litres per day of used cooking oil from the hotels, restaurants and commercial kitchens. It will also help protect the blockage of the sewage systems in Abu Dhabi by preventing drainage of used cooking oil into the sewage system. The company will be purchasing the used cooking oil from commercial establishments.


Eng. Saeed Al Mehairbi, Acting General Manager, Tadweer said, “Since its inception, the Centre of Waste Management – Tadweer has made remarkable progress in creating and implementing safe and effective waste management strategies. This year being the Year of Zayed, with the awarding of these new high-value investment contracts, we are confident that it will help further raise the standard of waste management in Abu Dhabi and generate significant employment opportunities in the Abu Dhabi waste management sector.”

All these projects will be based in an Eco-Park being developed by the Centre of Waste Management –Tadweer next to the Al Dhafra Landfill, where all future waste treatment, recycling and resource recovery facilities will be located.


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