Heil And Alam Steel: Helping Meet the Challenges of Waste Management in Kuwait


Alam Steel along with Heil has been offering sustainable solutions in the region including Kuwait for the past four decades. Mike Chambers, Director-International Business Development, Heil, and Wahid Saab, General Manager, Alam Steelspeak to Swaliha Shanavas about their long-term partnership, and bespoke products and technologies that have helped contractors and municipalities in meeting the challenges of waste management.

Please tell us a bit about Heil. What are the products you offer and the specific applications you provide solutions for?

Mike Chambers (MC): Heil Co., founded in 1901, forms part of Environmental Solutions Group ( Both are part of Dover Corporation, one of world’s leading multinational groups. Environmental Solutions Group (ESG) not only encompasses Heil, but also industry leading companies in the environmental sector, including Marathon Equipment – providing recycling and stationary compaction solutions including solar powered options; Bayne Premium Lift Systems for handling both European and US containers; and Third Eye, which provides mobile camera, radar solutions and body/chassis sensor data systems for enhanced safety and asset productivity.

Heil is the world’s leading brand of refuse collection vehicles (RCVs) and manufactures the widest range of compaction bodies and systems including rear loaders, front loaders, side loaders and recycling units. These include high compaction, high productivity commercial systems as well as highly productive automated systems for residential, municipal and organic applications.

Since when has Heil been present in the Middle East and which are the countries you are focusing on?

MC: Heil has been active in the Middle East since the early 1970s, providing municipalities and private haulers with a full range of hauling and wastehandling solutions for both commercial and municipal solid waste. Heil’s global footprint (currently operating in more than 40 countries) has allowed the company to be a solution provider to private haulers and as well as municipalities. In addition, Heil’s 40-year relationship with Alam Steel provides for strong regional manufacturing access to waste haulers throughout the Middle East.

What is the state of waste management in Kuwait and what are the major challenges in this market?

Wahid Saab (WS): Although there is constant demand for waste management equipment during each calendar year, the Kuwait Government tender process which is released every five years is the key driver for ensuring continuous progress in terms of waste management processes and technology in the country.

The challenge of delivering, commissioning, supporting and implementing what is essentially a new fleet of over 400 compactor vehicles into 6 governorates and 17 zones within a short 6 month period is the challenge that Alam Steel together with Heil thrives on. For contractors, whose primary focus is on fulfilling their contractual obligations with the municipalities in tandem with turning a profit and generating return on investment, the key to equipment selection is high productivity, product reliability, lowest total cost of ownership / lifecycle costs and when needed, the best and most reliable in local support.

What are the key features of Heil range of waste management products? How do your solutions stand out from the competition?

MC: Heil’s focus is to bring safety, productivity, reliability and the lowest overall cost of ownership to private sector haulers. These are some of the key features that differentiate Heil from others in the field. We know that whatever ESG products are employed, they represent an investment by the hauler, which their business will depend on to generate a profit each and every year of a contract.

By providing increased productivity through high compaction, building in standard premium hydraulics and utilisation of high tensile and high yield strength steels, Heil delivers on that commitment. Those added value benefits, coupled with the localisation and regional support provided by Alam Steel Industries – Heil’s partners for over 40 years, include operator and support training (supplemented by Heil engineering input) as well as stocking of a full range of Heil OE Parts.

In the GCC, the Heil PT1100, just like its predecessors the F4000 and DP5000, is viewed as the benchmark for the high productivity demands of the private contractors. The PT1100 has been specifically engineered using the full resources of Dover Corporation’s global initiatives. It has been engineered as a global platform and with the functionality to be manufactured and assembled anywhere in the world, utilising ESG’s fabrication and channel partner resources. Alam Steel is one of those value-added channel partners – and provides regional manufacturing, service and technical support throughout the product’s life cycle.

Tell us about the partnership between Alam Steel in Heil in Kuwait and other GCC countries and how it has helped add value. What kind of service support /training do you offer your customers?

WS: Alam Steel and Heil have not in any way rested on their laurels. Since the beginning of the Alam/Heil partnership more than 40 years ago, we have together launched numerous new products, technologies and processes that have helped contractors and municipalities alike with costeffective and logical solutions to their challenges.

With Alam Steel’s sales, management and engineering staff regularly visiting the Heil facilities in the US, and also with Heil leadership and engineering teams validating Alam Steel’s capabilities in the GCC and providing on-site training to municipal and contractor operators and support staff, we see the value to the customer as a long term investment. We know what works and what doesn’t, and we don’t deliver a generic solution to a specific challenge.

Our focus is on the individual partnership that we form with each client, to listen to their needs and deliver a solid commitment not just at the beginning but throughout the lifecycle of the product, be it for 20 years or more. With over 170 staff, technicians and engineers in Kuwait alone, we at Alam are confident of being able to deliver that commitment every single day.

tracuk-heavyHow are you strategising for further growth in Kuwait and in the region?

MC: Heil, like the rest of the ESG family of companies, is committed to providing new and value-added innovative technologies custom tailored to each challenge. ESG’s regional expertise and product awareness, incorporated with more than 70 years of refuse equipment experience in the global waste hauling market segment sets us apart. Heil has a proven track record throughout the Middle East in understanding our end user’s specific equipment demands – and through the continuing development of strategic channel partners, we will continue to deliver the highest total value and the lowest total cost of ownership to our valued customer base.