Nespresso, Bee’ah complete four years of coffee capsule recycling programme in UAE

Nespresso is celebrating the fourth anniversary of its recycling programme in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the company announced. As part of its efforts to increase sustainability in its value chain, Nespresso collects and recycles its coffee capsules through its local partner Bee’ah, the Middle East’s leading environmental management company. The milestone also provides the company an opportunity to reassess and refocus its efforts to enhance its sustainability drive even further, said Nespresso, which is also exploring collaboration with organic farms to supply natural compost to aid food production in the country. Consumption of coffee is high in the region and through this innovative programme Nespresso is actively calling on coffee fans to contribute to this initiative and recycle their used capsules.

flower“At Nespresso we are committed to doing business responsibly, and this value is what drove us to launch our recycling programme four years ago. Nowadays 10-12 percent of sold capsules are actually recycled by our Club Members but through sustained efforts we are confident we can grow that number. While the recycling rate falls short of our expectations, it is nevertheless encouraging to see more and more of our consumers coming forward to be part of this cause to help protect the environment. On our part, we are ramping up our communication and activities with renewed focus to spread the word far and wide. The greater the awareness, the more we can do for the environment and our local communities,” said Manuel Sancho, the company’s Business Development Manager for Middle East & Africa.

With its ‘Recycling at Home’ service, the company takes the hassle out of responsibly disposing of used coffee capsules as it has set up a convenient pick-up service to collect used capsules from the customer’s home or work every time a new order is delivered. A fully recyclable eco bag is also provided to consumers to pack their used capsules and drop them off at any Nespresso boutique.

All components of the coffee capsule are infinitely recyclable and a low energy process is used to re-melt the aluminium, while the grounds are used as a natural fertilizer for plants, etc, as per the company. “During the course of our four-year partnership with Bee’ah, we have recycled the nation’s used coffee capsules to increase our sustainability footprint. We will tirelessly continue our efforts and with Bee’ah’s expertise on our side, we are confident of making greater environmental contribution in the future,” added Sancho.

H.E. Khaled Al Huraimel, Group CEO of Bee’ah, said, “By collaborating with Nespresso for the past four years, we have accomplished a zero-waste recovery process for the coffee capsules. And as we reach this landmark, I encourage coffee drinkers to get behind this effort. As an industry leader in environmental management, Bee’ah promotes the adoption of a circular economy and doing business in a sustainable manner. We aim to continue our collaboration with Nespresso for many years to come”.


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