Neutral Fuels creates new biofuel feedstock from dairy waste

After two years of research into new and improved ways to create biofuels, Neutral Fuels has become the first company to successfully use butter, cream and ghee waste as a feedstock for creating commercial biofuel, the company announced. The new fuel is of the same high quality as the vegetable oil-derived biofuel that Neutral Fuels has been producing and which has fuelled McDonald’s UAE’s logistics fleet for almost seven million kilometres over the past four years, said the company. It is also said to be European standards compliant.

“Dubai is one of the few places in the world with a proper clean energy vision and a commitment to achieving 100% recycling,” said Karl W Feilder, Chairman and CEO of Neutral Fuels. “We concur with Eng. Abdulmajeed Abdulaziz Saifaie, Director of the Waste Management Department, when he says Dubai has to shift from waste collection to sustainable and innovative waste management. This includes more recycling, more waste-to-energy plants and more investment in this field.”

Neutral-FuelsFeilder said even in their seventh year of successfully converting used vegetable cooking oil into biofuel, they were able to recognise the size and prospects of the dairy sector. “Every dairy operation produces a small percentage of waste, plus it always has to dispose of outdated produce. Turning that into biofuel is the most useful thing to do with it.”

According to Mordor Intelligence, the UAE is the second largest producer of dairy products in the GCC after Saudi Arabia and is expected to experience swift growth to 2021. In the company’s view, this means even greater quantities of waste and an even greater need to dispose of it intelligently.

The UAE’s annual fresh milk production is 167,000 tonnes, and every 1% waste that is processed into biofuel will result in 1,670,000 litres of biofuel which will reduce the carbon footprint by 4460 tonnes of carbon and equivalents. Add to this the waste from making butter, cream and ghee and the volume of biofuel from the dairy industry could more than double. The company said, this together with Neutral Fuels vegetable oil-derived biofuel, will help offset the UAE’s carbon footprint, reported as one of the largest in the world.

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