Tadweer launches skips and waste container management project in Abu Dhabi

To apply measures against violators starting 1 November 2017 

Tadweer – Centre of Waste Management, Abu Dhabi has launched a project to manage and organise skips and waste containers in Abu Dhabi, intending to regulate identified and unidentified skips/ containers belonging to companies that haven’t acquired a license from the Centre. All the legal and administrative proceedings issued by the project will be effective as of 1 November 2017.

Commenting on the project, H.E. Eng. Saeed Al Mehairbi, Acting General Manager of Tadweer said, “The project targets all companies involved in the waste collection and transportation business, since they are our partners in responsibility for proper waste management, public health and the preservation of the cultural appearance of the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. Together, we will oversee the parallel implementation of this project, both in terms of awareness concerning waste management laws, as well as in taking the necessary measures to control skips and waste containers throughout the Emirate.”

H.E. Al-Mehairbi confirmed that Tadweer will transparently work with the environmental service providers, ensuring their understanding of the importance of maintaining public hygiene and professionally managing waste according to the Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Standards, adopted by the Centre and applied by the Emirate, noting that the project plan and its respective activities and workshops are aiming for maximising waste diversion from landfills, preserving valuable natural resources, maintaining good hygiene and proper cultural appearance of the Emirate. He assured that the project will also tune the performance of these companies to unite their efforts with Tadweer’s; improving the overall appearance of Abu Dhabi and ensuring global competence in following sustainable practices and standards that fit Abu Dhabi’s strategic and environmental vision 2030.

This project falls under the future strategic vision for waste management in Abu Dhabi, which aims to upgrade the management systems of this vital sector to meet best applicable international standards, improving the emirate’s worldwide performance in turn. This project is based on Law No. (2) of 2012 concerning the preservation of Abu Dhabi’s cultural appearance, of which Tadweer took responsibility to implement as the responsible and competent governmental entity in the waste management sector serving Abu Dhabi.