Bahrain to phase out the use of plastic bags starting July

Bahrain will start phasing out the use of plastic bags in July. A Ministerial order with respect to the technical regulations for plastic products will come into effect on July 21, 2019, as per Bahrain News Agency (BNA) report.

The order will regulate and phase out the use of plastic bags. The first phase will focus on single-use plastic bags as well as banning the import of non-biodegradable plastic bags, according to WAM news agency. Later phases will witness a permanent ban on the use of plastic bags at certain malls and supermarkets.

The authorities are currently working on the implementation phase for the remaining plastic products. Guidelines will be issued for manufacturers and suppliers on reducing plastic waste to ensure a smooth transition.

Bahrain has joined a number of leading countries in banning the import of plastic scrap, following the United Nations’ call to mitigate ocean pollution and climate change, added the report.