Eco-friendly UAE consumers have filtered water on tap

Culligan says environmental awareness drives double digit growth for  bottleless, plastic-free system

Today’s eco-friendly UAE consumer insists on reusable cups, avoids plastic straws and delivery food cutlery, and is now more likely to have filtered water on tap in the home and office. Just as the last year has seen the rise of initiatives like #ZeroWasteUAE, which aims to reduce waste and promote a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle, filtered water systems have also been enjoying a boom in popularity, says Culligan, a leader in water treatment for homes, offices and industries, which acquired the Zip Water brand last year.

Over the past 12 months Middle East sales of the Zip HydroTap, a bottleless, plastic-free system which gives instant boiling, chilled, still and sparkling water from a single under-sink unit, have achieved double digit growth. Much of that is down to growing environmental awareness, according to Culligan.

Tap“We’re seeing a significant shift in consumer behaviour when it comes to the use of plastic, recycling waste and overall efforts to become more socially and environmentally responsible,” said Marco Seghi, Service Director of Culligan Middle East. “When Culligan acquired Zip Water, we knew the technology would work especially well this region because people here understand the need to drink plenty of water throughout the day. But the fact that consumers are becoming more and more eco-friendly has certainly been a key factor behind the double digit sales growth.”

“Zip offers a hassle-free solution to have filtered instant boiled, chilled and sparkling water at home or at the office. There’s no need to worry about delivery time of water bottles, where to keep them or running short of bottles. It’s also good for the environment, with less plastic and less CO2 emissions. And the design pleases our high-end customers,” he added.

With a manufacturing facility in Dubai, UAE, and offices and partners in Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, Culligan Middle East says it now provides all servicing and maintenance of the Zip product portfolio in the region.