Renault Trucks, in partnership with Triangle Heavy Equipment, launch 2019 models in Egypt

Increasing market share with the reveal of new Renault Trucks ranges D, C and K

Triangle Heavy Equipment, the distributor of heavy equipment brands in Egypt, recently announced its partnership with Renault Trucks in New Cairo, by launching the latest range of models of heavy-duty trucks to meet the growing demands of the booming construction and infrastructure development projects across the country.

The 2019 launch models include D (distribution), C (long haul & construction) and K (Heavy Haulage, Heavy Construction & Mining) range trucks well known for their robustness, reliability and low fuel consumption. The trucks are equipped with the latest features, delivering a reliable experience to its users, including drivability, comfort and durability, said the company.

“Our partnership with Renault Trucks comes in line with the expansion of the transport network in Egypt and following up with the infrastructure development goals according to vision 2030. Such valuable partnership will result in more efficient heavy-duty transportation process, for an increasingly demanding and aggressive construction and development timeline for the country. Hence, ensuring our customers are equipped with robust, durable and fuel-efficient vehicles, said Amr Eltawil, Triangle Group CEO.

Gregoire Blaise, President of Renault Trucks Greater Middle East, commented: “Egypt has recently become a much more strategic market for Renault Trucks as part of the Greater Middle East region, and for this we’re very excited to choose a partner like Triangle Heavy Equipment who will see us through the next phase of our journey here. The products we reveal here, particularly the C and K, are among our major investments that provide a large range of options and solutions for every application. The heavy duty capabilities of Renault Trucks are built to meet the needs of the fast-paced construction projects Egypt is witnessing today, and with the rising fuel costs, we’re proud to say that the D Range in particular, has proven to reduce fuel consumption by up to 7 percent.”