Tadweer Awards Waste Management Contracts Worth AED1 Billion

Contracts part of Tadweer’s efforts to support sustainable development and Abu Dhabi Strategy

TadweerTadweer (Abu Dhabi Waste Management Centre) awarded new operational contracts cumulatively valued at AED1.099bn to leading providers of solid waste collection and transportation and street sweeping and cleaning services in the third, fourth and fifth sectors of Abu Dhabi Mainland and Al Dhafra Region. Announced on the sidelines of the EcoWaste exhibition, the contracts are part of Tadweer’s continued efforts to improve the cleaning and waste management services in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.

West Coast Saubermacher Environmental Services won an AED713m contract to provide waste collection and transportation services in the third and fifth sectors, while Lavajet Al Ain won an AED385m cleaning services contract for the fourth sector.

As per the contracts, the companies will collect and transport bulky, green and public slaughterhouse waste, clean streets and inner roads in residential areas including manual and mechanical sweeping, and clean pedestrian bridges and tunnels. They are also mandated to wash waste containers using advanced washing equipment and remove illegally dumped waste in close coordination with Tadweer’s strategic partners and other government entities.

Furthermore, the contracts stipulate the allocation of more than 750 waste containers with a capacity of seven cubic meters each for the collection of municipal solid waste from farms and stockyards as well as the set-up and operation of 140 waste collection points across the assigned areas. In addition, the companies will provide 590 specialised cleaning vehicles and equipment, including 59 mechanical sweepers, 34 bin washers, and one new bin-washing vehicle for large containers.

A total of 1,888 workers will carry out cleaning and litter picking; and 44,290 waste containers of various types will be distributed across residential and commercial areas to support Tadweer’s strategy of waste segregation at source, said the organisation. “The new contracts awarded at EcoWaste align with the Abu Dhabi Government’s priority to enhance the quality of life across the emirate’s urban and rural areas.

They also support Tadweer’s strategy of maintaining cleanliness in Abu Dhabi through improving the services it provides to the community and upgrading the overall waste management infrastructure in the emirate to comply with the highest international standards,” said H.E. Falah Al Dhabi, Chairman of Department of Urban Planning and Municipalities, and Chairman of Tadweer.

“At Tadweer, we are committed to stepping up our efforts to meet the current and future integrated waste management requirements of the emirate through utilizing the latest technologies, employing the best resources available and increasing the efficiency of our operations. This will help us achieve the sustainable development objectives of Plan Abu Dhabi while ensuring the cleanliness and sustainability of our environment and safeguarding the aesthetic appeal of the emirate,” he added.

Dr. Salem Al Kaabi, Acting General Manager of Tadweer, said, “In line with Tadweer’s vision to keep abreast of Abu Dhabi’s growing population and urbanisation, these new operating contracts will meet the rising outputs of businesses and individuals. Moreover, the year-on-year growth in the emirate demands constant and effective waste management and control strategies, as well as developing waste collection and recycling techniques.”