EDGE Innovate has recently installed and commissioned a fleet of shredders for the processing of several million end of life tyres in Oman.

It is estimated that Oman generates around 45,000 tons of ‘end-of-life’ (ELT) tyres every year – a figure that is projected to rise in line with population growth and urbanisation.

The Project

The aim of the project is to process the large legacy pile of waste car and jeep tyres by reducing the waste material to a manageable piece size of minus 150mm at a rate of 400 tyres per hour, according to Edge Innovate.

The Solution

The EDGE Slayer XL is a twin shaft, slow speed, high torque waste shredder that can be deployed as either a primary or secondary shredder due to its highly robust design, high throughput and superior resistance to difficult to shred material. The twin shaft design “provides exceptional intake behaviour, reduces traditional wrapping of material such as wires, plastics and long fibres and lends itself to less wear and longer life expectancy”. This combined with impressive design features such as tramp metal cycles and intelligent load sensing insures against asset damage and makes the EDGE Slayer the ideal solution for the processing of end of life tyres, says the company.

The Process

Commissioned in February 2019, the fleet of EDGE’s Slayer XL slow speed shredders has been “quickly and efficiently processing the end of life tyres to produce a reduced piece size of 0-150mm at an impressive rate of 500 tyres per hour.”

Speaking of the installation a spokesperson for Khimji Ramdas said: “EDGE Innovate is an innovative equipment manufacturer from Northern Ireland. During the project they faced the challenge of providing a solution that offered our client the capacity and performance of shredding a minimum of 400 tyres per hour. Indeed, upon installation of the shredder units, they exceeded the output requirement by an extra 100 tyres. Our client is happy with how the machines operate and the overall build quality of the machines supplied.”

Up to 90% of the ferrous metal found in the tyres processed is also recovered thanks to the adjustable overband magnet found on the Slayer XL. At the current processing rate, one EDGE Slayer XL has the potential to shred up to 960,000 tyres annually, as per the company. The final shredded product is taken from the dump site and is transported to nearby cement kilns where it is used as a fuel source.


The project and operator requirements, its location, working conditions, availability of reliable electricity and its demanding application resulted in EDGE offering a highly customised design specification. The fleet of Slayers supplied to the project are fitted with a hooklift type chassis and are driven via an electric/hydraulic power-source. This enables the units to be operated for sustained periods in a demanding application within an extremely hot climate without the fear of over-heating says EDGE. “The need for the shredders to be utilised across multiple sites and availability of hooklift trucks, resulted in the client opting for a hooklift chassis configuration complete with a hydraulic folding discharge conveyor. This format lends itself to simple, quick and cost-effective transportation method.”

Edge Shredder Versatility

Tyre shredding is only one of many applications that EDGE’s versatile Slayer range can handle. “With a huge range of both rapid volume reduction and intricate piece sizing chambers available, our shredders can be employed as either a primary or secondary shredder and can be seen working anywhere from the waste management company to biofuel producers,” says the company.

With the recycling industry ever changing and adapting to new regulations and stringent requirements placed on MRFs, adaptability is key. Whether it is processing C&D waste, organic waste or domestic household waste; the EDGE Slayer Series offers that all-round capability. The EDGE Slayer can be customised to provide the right tonnage at the desired piece size.

About Edge Innovate

EDGE Innovate develops, manufacturers and markets sophisticated technologies for shredding, stacking, screening and sorting of primary and secondary raw materials in production processes and recycling. According to EDGE, their material handling and recycling range is made up of reliable, durable and cost saving products with a wide range of mobile stockpilers, tracked stackers, tracked and mobile feeders, trommels, slow-speed waste shredders, picking stations, material classifiers, roll-sizers and truck off-loaders – all of which allow their customers to shred, screen, separate, stockpile and size a vast array of materials.

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